Is There Any Use For Private Label Rights Products

Is There Any Use For Private Label Rights Products

Is There Any Use for Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights Products?


You may be wondering what’s the point of resell rights (RR) and master resell rights (MRR) products. After all, most do not come with the editable source files. So, you have very little flexibility with the PLR Content and PLR products. Can There Be any Use For Private Label Rights Products?

It’s almost like having a pointless superpower like being able to read your own mind or instant hair loss.

But all levity aside, there are uses for resell rights products. If you’ve joined a PLR membership site like IDPLR or Resell Rights Weekly, you’ll have access to thousands of resell and master resell rights products.

So, what can you do with them?

* Affiliate bonuses

If you’re in the ‘make money online’ space, you’d have seen many affiliates piling on bonuses to promote the latest launches software or info products. Very often, these bonuses are actually resold rights products that have been collated and compiled.

Of course, the products were taken from the large PLR membership sites such as the ones mentioned above. The goal here is to overwhelm the potential buyer with the sheer number of bonuses they’re getting.

It’s common to see affiliates saying how their bonuses have a “real-world value of $80,344.75” but they’re getting it all for free if they’ll only purchase the $12.95 eBook the marketer is promoting.

Most of it is hype. There is no such thing as ‘real-world value’ for resell rights products.

You can’t take these intangible products to the bank and cash them out for real money. The bank teller will probably tell you where you can put your resell rights bonus.

But the point is this – they can be used as bonuses for affiliate promotions. Just don’t go overboard with the hyperbole and number of products in the bonus.

Add a couple of relevant products together and create a quick bonus. It just might help you get the sale.

* Idea generation and research


Resell rights products are still content. If you’re in a niche and you need ideas for content, all you need to do is read through several resell rights eBooks in your niche.

You’ll definitely discover points to write about and expound on. Very often, these products have research that’s done for you.

You just need to compile the points and write your own articles. It will save you a lot of time.

* Product bonuses

Product bonuses are different from affiliate bonuses. Don’t get confused here.

If you’re selling your own info product, you can always add 3 or 4 bonuses to your product and list them at the bottom of the sales page. Of course, these bonuses will be resold rights products.

It’s so easy to add more value just by adding a couple of these to your sales page.

For example, if you’re selling a book on getting six-pack abs, you could add 3 bonuses which could be a clean eating guide, stress relief book, and a muscle-building report.

It’s extremely easy to find these types of products in most PLR memberships.

You may even notice that several digital products sold on use this technique to make their offer look more attractive by padding on more value.

* Membership sites

Running a membership site? You can add a resell rights eBook or software every now and then to your deliverables.

Mixing up unique content with resell rights products will help alleviate the stress of content production. As long as the RR product is good, you’ll not get complaints.

* Sales

Here’s a shocker – people actually make sales with resell and master resell rights products.

This can be done in 2 ways. You could bundle up several RR products in one niche and sell them as a package.

Or you could set up the sales page for any particular resell rights product and sell the product as it is. As long as you can drive traffic to the sales page, sooner or later someone will buy it.

Most RR and MRR packages include the sales pages for you to sell the product. The only limitation is that you can’t rebrand the product because the editable source files are not included.

However, if you just want to set up a quick product to get sales from your list or through a YouTube video, these products will work.

Do not discount the value of these products just because of their limitations. Use your imagination and be a PLR MacGyver.

You’ll be surprised to discover that you can actually use these RR/MRR products to generate an income online.

Is Hiring a Ghostwriter Better Than Using PLR?

Is Hiring a Ghostwriter Better Than Using PLR?
Is Hiring a Ghostwriter Better Than Using PLR?

This is an excellent question that many newbie marketers have. If you’ve spent some time on internet marketing forums or in Facebook groups dedicated to online marketing, you may have seen many people turn their nose up at private label rights (PLR) content. Is There Any Use For Private Label Rights Products.

It’s common for marketers to say, “I’ll NEVER use PLR” or “I prefer to hire my own writers” and so on.

Do not be swayed by these comments. Half of them are showboating and the other half probably had bad experiences with PLR.

Whether or not you hire a ghostwriter will depend on a few factors… and it has nothing to do with the quality of PLR or being a marketing snob. Let’s look at what really matters.

* Are you already making money online?

Almost always, hiring a ghostwriter will cost you much more than purchasing private label rights content.

If you’re trying to build an online business and you’re on a very tight budget, you’re better off using PLR and editing it to make it unique – rather than forking out substantial sums to a freelance writer.

That said, if you’re already a successful marketer making good money online and you prefer to have your own writing team, then by all means you can hire ghostwriters.

Do NOT put yourself in debt to hire a ghostwriter. PLR can do the job just fine if you use it well.

* How much time do you have?

If you’re short on time and you need some content quickly to meet a publishing schedule… or you need some value-driven information for a last-minute email to your list, PLR will work in a pinch.

You’ll get access to the content immediately after purchase. Hiring a ghostwriter takes time. Not only will you need to find a good one, but you’ll have to wait for them to deliver the content.

So, time constraints may determine if you should hire a ghostwriter or not.

* Do you need unique content?

This is a very important point. Google and other engines love unique content. PLR content is usually not unique because several people may have bought the same content and posted it on their blogs.

Since Google can’t rank all the similar content, it’ll probably rank the content that was posted by the person who used it first or it may decide based on the authority of the domain.

If you’re building niche sites and unique content is very important to you for search engine optimization (SEO), then you’ll need to hire a ghostwriter.

Very often, marketers who mention about hiring freelance writers are doing it for SEO purposes.

However, if you’re driving traffic to your blog from YouTube, Pinterest, or other platforms, SEO is only of secondary importance. You won’t really need unique content and will be able to use PLR.

There’s no right or wrong answer here. It all depends on the purpose of the content.

* What’s your topic?

PLR sellers sell PLR products to make money. Because of this, they often create content in niches that are wide and have a lot of demand. This will ensure that they sell as many copies of their PLR as possible.

This is the main reason why there’s no shortage of PLR content for topics like weight loss, online marketing, yoga, health niches, and so on. There’s massive demand in these niches.

However, if you’re in a narrow and very specific niche, it may be almost impossible to get PLR content for your topic. You’re not going to find any PLR sellers creating an entire content package for ‘plastic extrusion molding’.

It’s not financially prudent for PLR vendors to create content on topics that only have one or two buyers.

You’ll need to hire a ghostwriter in this case. They’ll have to spend time researching and understanding the topic to do it justice.

* You can use both!

The good news is that using PLR and hiring a ghostwriter are not mutually exclusive activities. You can use both.

Get a ghostwriter for unique content on your blog, but use a PLR report as a lead magnet. You’d have saved yourself some money.

Use PLR content in your emails, or turn them into videos for your video marketing. PLR products can be used for a multitude of purposes. You don’t always need unique content.

As long as your content is informative, engaging, and accurate, you’re good to go – and many PLR bundles satisfy these requirements. So, use PLR when you can and hire a ghostwriter when unique content is crucial.

Is There Any Use For Private Label Rights Products

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