The Power of Video Marketing with PLR

The Power of Video Marketing with PLR

The Power of Video Marketing with PLR
The Power of Video Marketing with PLR

Video marketing is a method of traffic generation – and it’s a very effective one. Not only is video marketing a low-cost traffic method, but videos rank well and more easily on Google if you target the correct keywords. The Power of Video Marketing with PLR videos and private label rights courses.

If you do it right, you can get lots of traffic and sales from your videos.

Going into the specifics of video marketing is beyond the scope of this article because it’s a very in-depth topic with many different branches.

If you truly wish to become a master at video marketing, it would be a good idea to check out Video Marketing Insider by Adam Payne (an expert in the industry).

Now that you’re aware of how beneficial videos can be, let’s look at how PLR can help you with video marketing.

* Converting text into videos

Repurposing your text content is one of the best ways to create videos quickly and efficiently. Software such as Vidnami, make it a breeze to create your own videos.

Alternatively, you may choose to hire someone to do this for you. Just remember that your videos need to be about 3 minutes long or so – and you only need to cover the main points.

Overly wordy videos tend to cause viewers to lose interest very fast. Keep your content interesting and easily digestible.

* Getting a good video marketing course

As mentioned above, you need a good video marketing course (Video Marketing Insider), etc. to help you understand the nuances of this traffic generating method. You’ll need to know how to optimize your channel, your videos, etc.

It’s a subject on its own and deserves proper attention. Once you master it, you’ll have a very powerful traffic weapon in your online marketing skills arsenal.

* Limitations

Very few PLR sellers sell video PLR videos. There are a few, but not too many. The problem with video private label rights (especially training videos that come with voiceovers) is that it’s extremely difficult to rebrand them.

For example, if the PLR videos have a male voiceover, but you’re a female marketer who wishes to use them, it’s going to be difficult to explain why you have a manly voice.

Overcoming issues like these can be a hassle. You’ll need the videos without the voiceover so that you can record your own voiceovers above them.

You’ll need to be proficient with video software too. So, you’ll have to go through the learning curve here. Do not let this discourage you. It’s not difficult at all… and you only have to learn it once to tap into the power of video marketing.

* Embed on blogs

PLR videos or repurposed videos can be embedded on your blog. So, you can have written PLR content on the blog post and a summary of the main points in a video that’s also on the blog post.

Some people prefer watching videos to reading. You’ll be able to keep these visitors on your site longer if you use videos in your content.

* Gifs on emails that link to videos

Video clips can be converted to short .gif images by using this tool:

A gif is an image that ‘moves’ and is similar to a video. It just lacks sound and is a repeating short clip. However, there’s no denying that gifs get attention.

A very clever tactic will be to use a gif of your video and embed it in an email. Then link that gif to your actual video.

The moving image will get the email subscriber’s attention and they’ll click on the image to see what it is. Human curiosity at its best here.

This will then take the reader to your blog post where the video is embedded or you can take them directly to the video on whichever platform you’re hosting it on.

* Slides, etc.

PLR content can be broken down and used for slide presentations – online or offline. You can always use PLR videos content for webinars and other presentations. This is a form of video marketing too.

* Easier to rank on YouTube

As mentioned earlier, videos rank well in the search engines. Depending on the keyword, sometimes it’s easier to rank for a video than a blog post.

You’ll need to do your research to see if the keyword you’re targeting has videos that are ranking for it. If there are, you should definitely give it a try.

If you don’t see any, you can still give it a try and see how you fare. All you need to do is convert some of your text PLR into a video, optimize the video, and upload it.

From there, with a few tweaks and some time, you’ll be able to see how you rank. You’ll be amazed at how effective this method is… and you’ll have passive sales coming in the more videos you make.

Once your progress snowballs, you’ll be unstoppable. Use private label rights and take your video marketing to the next level. Get started today and you’ll be thanking yourself in the future.

Can PLR Be Used for Kindle Publishing?

Can PLR Be Used for Kindle Publishing?
Can PLR Be Used for Kindle Publishing?

This is another common question that many PLR buyers have.

Their eyes have dollar signs as they imagine the sheer number of opportunities available to them if they could take the sea of PLR products out there and quickly put them for sale as Kindle books.

Ahh… there’s gold in them thar Amazon hills! Or is there?

Here’s the unfortunate truth – in days of yore, this method of making money with private label rights as possible. You could sell private label rights products on the Kindle publishing platform then.

However, marketers being marketers had to make a mess of the entire opportunity, as they always do when they try to cut corners and exploit the situation.

*Amazon marketplace

What happened was that the Amazon marketplace ended up getting ‘spammed’ by thousands of books that were just replicas of each other. Multiple sellers were rapidly uploading their PLR eBooks hoping to cash in.

The Kindle marketplace became littered and cluttered with shoddy PLR eBooks – and customers were buying different copies of the same product.

Of course, since Amazon looks after Amazon, it quickly took steps to remove these PLR eBooks masquerading as unique content. It came down hard on the sellers and cleaned up the marketplace very quickly.

More specifically… this rule is the one you should be aware of…

“Public domain and other non-exclusive content

Some types of content, such as public domain content, may be free to use by anyone or may be licensed for use by more than one party. We will not accept content that is freely available on the web unless you are the copyright owner of that content. For example, if you received your book content from a source that allows you and others to re-distribute it, and the content is freely available on the web, we will not accept it for sale on the Kindle store. We do accept public domain content but may choose not to sell a public domain book if its content is undifferentiated or barely differentiated from one or more other books. Also, we do not allow companion books based on copyrighted works (e.g., summaries, study guides, etc.) to be published outside the U.S. without written permission from the copyright holder.”

Guess what?

PLR is non-exclusive content. So, you CANNOT use it for Kindle publishing.

But… don’t give up hope just yet.

There are a few ways to overcome this limitation.

* Research

Use your PLR content for research. Since Amazon wants unique content, just use the research from your Private label rights to write your own Kindle book.

Yes, it requires effort since you’ll need to do the writing… but at least you’ll save time on research. It’s a huge timesaver.

If you have several different PLR eBooks on the same topic, you’ll have enough data points to easily write a book in no time at all.

* Rewriting

Another way to overcome the limitation will be to rewrite the PLR content you have. Of course, your rewriting must be so good that the content must look brand new and unique.

The Amazon algorithm probably has a way to detect if the content is unique or PLR. Trying to fool a billion-dollar company is almost impossible because of the resources they have.

You might find a loophole here and there… but sooner or later they’ll close it up and your sales will dry up overnight. You might even lose your account.

The best way to continue playing in their sandbox is to abide by their rules.

* Hiring a ghostwriter
Private Label Rights products can easily be made into PLR videos
Private Label Rights products can easily be made into
PLR videos

If you hate writing, hiring a ghostwriter to rewrite your PLR eBook is the best way to go about creating a brand new book. Always remember to run your book through to check if it’s unique.

Ghostwriters can make mistakes too. So, be extra sure.

There are thousands of dollars to be made with Kindle publishing, and PLR content can give you a head start… but there is work involved.

“Profit is a by-product of work; happiness is its chief product.” – Henry Ford

The Power of Video Marketing with PLR

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